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Some of the most unique and beautiful lamps that have come into the shop at House of Andala are called St. Clair Lamps.  These lamps are extraordinary examples of art glass and have an Indiana connection.

In the late 19th century glass artisan John St. Clair and his wife Rosalie came to the United States from the Alsace-Lorrain region in France.  At the time, they were escaping the turmoil that occurred with the German annexation of that part of France. They later moved to Elwood, Indiana where the glass industry was booming thanks to an ample supply of natural gas and quality local sand in the area. 

We have mentioned before that lighting makes all the difference in any room of your home and that every room needs three types of lighting. Floor lamps, which can fall into the category of either task or ambient lighting, are an important type of lamp to consider as they are both functional and decorative.

Typically, a floor lamp is a lighting fixture with a lamp and a long “stalk” and has a glass, silk or hardback fabric shade that fills the room with soft diffused light.  But a lamp placed next to a sofa or chair can also be used for tasks or as a reading light.  For task lighting a swing-arm floor lamp is the most popular and most useful.

There are several reasons why lamp shades are sold in neutral colors, like white or off-white, beige, silver/gray or black. The first is that lighting is frequently chosen toward the end of the design cycle of a project, when other colors of a room are locked in. If a shade color doesn't match the other colors already chosen for the room, designers will pick a neutral shade.

Another reason is that colored shades can somewhat affect color of the light transmitted through the shade. However, with the currently popular empire and drum shapes, so much light comes out the top and the bottom of the shade that the shade material is less likely to affect the color the light.