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cflbulbCFL bulbs come in a variety of light appearances on a scale of “warm/soft” white to “cool” white. The overall effect can be considerable. “Cool” white is a whiter light and might be better for working or reading. “Warm/soft” white is closer to the appearance of most incandescent bulbs and provides a softer look which is better for creating an ambiance in the room. We recommend trying both as it becomes a personal preference as to which is best.

Other things to consider:
  • CFL bulbs will not dim unless it indicates so on the package
  • Some CFL bulbs take a minute to warm up to reach full wattage; others are “instant on”.
  • If you are using a clip-on shade, buy the CFL bulb with a cover.
  • CFL bulbs should NOT be disposed of in your normal trash; they should be taken to a place that recycles or to a hazardous waste sight.
Light BulbIncandescent bulbs as we know them today will be gradually phased out since they do not meet the new energy standards. Companies will not be able to manufacture and sell these bulbs after a certain date.

This is scheduled to occur as follows( all states but California):

1/1/2012: 100 watt
1/1/2013: 75 watt
1/1/2014: 60 and 40 watt

For more information visit this website: http://e3living.com/blog/are-incandescent-lightbulbs-really-going-away-energy-independence-and-security-act-2007.
How do I decide which light bulb to useLight bulbs create heat. Heat damages the lamp shade, wiring and bulb socket. Most lamps will indicate a maximum wattage for safe operation and to extend the life of the shade and electrical parts.As a rule, the larger the lamp and shade, the more wattage can be safely usedsince it will have adequate ventilation for the heat.

Our advice is to stick with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Here are some other bulb tips:
  • CFL, compact fluorescent bulbs, use less wattage and are more energy efficient.
  • Halogen bulbs emit more light, but are considerably hotter than a standard incandescent bulb
  • LED bulbs use less energy, emit less heat, and have longer life than incandescent bulbs.
  • Ceramic bulb sockets are made to withstand above average heat for fixtures with inadequate ventilation or those requiring higher bulb wattage.
How should I clean my tiffany style lampSince we recently received a new shipment of Tiffany lamps, I thought this would be a timely tip. 

For periodic cleaning, dust with a soft damp cloth.If the lead becomes oxidized (a chalky white), apply Formby's Lemon Oil, using a soft bristle paint brush, to the entire shade inside and outside. Let it soak in for 24 hours. Remove excess with a soft dry cloth.

And remember for all of your lamp restoration needs see us at House of Andala!