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LampshadeLet me first refer you to our information flyer "How to Buy a Lamp Shade".

In general, when buying a new shade for a table lamp, you should consider the following:

    • Is the lamp used for general lighting in a room, reading or ambiance?
    • What other colors are in the room?
    • Do you want to match other lamp shades in the same room in style or color?
    • What size table is the lamp setting on?

In addition, ALWAYS bring the lamp with you when buying a new shade! Matching your old shade exactly is highly unlikely, and, with the lamp, a perfect fit can be achieved.

This may seem a bit tedious, but when you consider that you will be looking at the new shade for many years, making the proper selection is worth the effort.

House of Andala Lamp ShoppeThe short answer is yes, if necessary. Usually a replacement lamp shade is the best option and far more economical.

The only time recovering a shade is sensible is if it has a unique frame that is not available in a replacement shade. The cost to recover is at least twice that of a new shade as it must be shipped to and from the factory and custom completed by hand.
House of Andala When shopping for a replacement piece of glass, always bring one of the good shades with you for comparison.When it comes to replacement glass, nothing is standard. Sizes, shapes, fitter size, color, etc all changes yearto year and with each manufacturer.Hopefully, we can find one to match and you won’t have to replace all five shades. If you have a fixture that you like it is usually worth the expense to replace the glass shades and give it a total new look. Bring in a picture and let us see if we can give you some suggestions.
How do I clean my lamp shades?We recommend dusting your shades gently with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment works great for pleated shades.

Not recommended, but as a last resort, silk or fabric shades that are discolored or dirty can be cleaned in a bathtub as follows:
  • Run a few inches of water with a detergent recommended for delicate fabrics, such as Woolite
  • Spin the shade in the water making sure that you get the entire shade wet. Wipe gently with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Drip dry for a few minutes, then replace on the lamp. Turn on the lamp; the bulb(s) from the lamp will help dry it quickly and tighten the fabric which might have sagged during cleaning.