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You’ve been hearing about the advantages of LED lighting over the old incandescent bulbs for a while now.  Maybe you’ve dipped your toe in the water by replacing a few bulbs here and there. LED lighting and bulbs are less expensive than ever, so now is a great time to take the plunge and upgrade your whole home with this money-saving option.

Every room in your home has a different primary function. However, especially with today’s trend toward smaller homes, many rooms are truly multi-purpose. So getting the right combination of lighting types in each room of your home is very important.

For each room there are generally three main types of lighting that are needed.

The history of how our homes have been lit over the past 400 years gives us a deeper appreciation of our ancestor’s lives and how interior design has advanced over time.

Candles and Oil Lamps
Through most of the 19th century, first candles and then oil lamps were the only means of extending the day beyond sunset. For the most part, candles or lamps had lampshades of glass, and sometimes paper.  The lampshades were mainly plain and functional to both soften and disperse the light.