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Ranging in sizes and shapes to fit any décor, pendant lights are an affordable way to bring style to your overhead lighting. 

How and Where Pendant Lights Are Used
Pendant lights are typically used in spaces where you need task or accent lighting.

One of the most popular places to use pendant lights is in the kitchen. Using multiple pendants over an island can really make a design statement. Be sure to take the size of the island into consideration when deciding how many and what size pendants to use.

Another popular use of pendant lighting is in the dining room as an alternative to a chandelier. Consider using two or three lights along the length of the dining room table, staggering the heights to create interest. 

The use of pendants in the bathroom around vanities is becoming more popular. They provide a creative touch and an updated alternative to sconces.

Other places to consider are over a cocktail table, sofa or buffet table.

Bunching together the same, or mixing different sizes, shapes and materials of pendant lights into one setting is also a newer design idea.  Check out this article on inventive ways to hang pendant lights for more great ideas.

How to Hang Pendant Lights
Use this helpful guide we’ve put together for hanging a pendant light. Because installation can be tricky, especially in older buildings where unexpected wiring issues can come into play, we suggest consulting a professional to install your pendant fixtures if you don’t feel comfortable about any aspect of the installation process. But if you feel comfortable installing them yourself, here is a video to guide you through the process.

The general guideline is to hang pendants 30 inches above your island or table. If the ceiling height is higher than 8 feet, add three inches for each additional foot of ceiling height.  If the pendants are being installed over a dining room table, be sure the outer edge of the lamps are a minimum of 12 inches from the outer edge of the table to prevent bumping heads with the fixture.

Buying Tips
Bring table, ceiling and other furniture measurements with you when you go shopping for your pendant lights.  If at all possible, try to see the lamp when it’s illuminated to give you a better idea of what it will look like in your space. Refer to this post to make sure your fixture provides the right amount of light for the size of your room.   And look for fixtures that use money-saving LED lights.

Selecting Bulbs
Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you choose the proper bulb for your pendant light. Using the right wattage, shape and color will have a considerable effect on the appearance and functionality of your new lamps.

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