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Most of the home décor shows and magazines might have you believing that to achieve great style you must have high ceilings and huge windows in every room of your home. Let’s face it, just about anything looks great in those ideal conditions. Although there are other interior design concepts to consider, here are some lighting tips on how make those low-ceiling rooms look just as great.

b2ap3 large yorkshire dales ground recessed lighting 288x584Try Uplighting
Uplighting is a great solution for rooms with lower ceilings.  Using fixtures that cause the light to reflect upwards makes your ceiling look higher. Another unique idea is to use floor recessed uplighters, which give a clean modern look without cluttering the walls.

Use Your Walls
Wall lighting fixtures like sconces create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Sconces can also be used for task lighting in specific areas of a smaller room.

Stay Away from Pendant Lamps
Designed specifically for rooms with high ceilings, pendant lamps will only make the ceiling look closer to the floor in a room with a low ceiling. Instead consider using flush mounted lighting. Many of our suppliers have great design choices in this type of fixture.

b2ap3 large avoid pendant lamps for low ceilingsUse Repetition
In rooms or hallways with low ceilings where there isn’t space for a large dramatic fixture, use a repeating pattern of flush-mounted ceiling lights.

Find Shallow and Wide Ceiling Fixtures
Even if you don’t have the luxury of high ceilings, you can still achieve a dramatic effect by choosing the right-sized ceiling fixture.  Look for fixtures that are shallow, wider and diffuse the light outward to fill the whole space.

Low ceilings can still mean high style! Stop by House of Andala and let us help you select just the right lighting for your unique space.
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