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A few months ago, we rewired and lemon oiled this Wirecraft desk lamp. This very unique lamp was made in the 1930’s by a local company. 

National Standard, located in Niles, Michigan started in 1907 as the National Cable and Manufacturing Company. Originally the company made and sold scientific lightning protection cables. In 1910 as the tire industry was moving from solid to balloon style tires, the industry asked National Standard to manufacture a steel flat braid, which became known as tire bead. Your car or bicycle wheel is made with a small slot or groove around it. The tire bead is the edge of the tire that sits inside the wheel’s groove. When the tire is inflated correctly, the air pressure keeps the bead and the tire in the groove. By 1935, the company was the market leader in tire bead production.

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In the 1930’s the company began to diversify, buying businesses that made ornamental wire craft products like lamps vases, tire covers, waste baskets and fire screens. The lamps were available in nickel, bronze and brass finishes. Each piece was expertly crafted and shows the highest quality of workmanship.

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 Today Wirecraft pieces are rare and highly sought after by collectors, designers and decorators. Over the years, Kirk has restored several of these lamps.

James Webb
interested in selling
I currently have one of these desk lamps, also a floor lamp. I have a vase maybe from wirecraft. It's made the same way as both lamps. I am interested in selling all three pieces.
Sue DePuey
What do the items look like? Price?
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