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House of Andala has restored or repaired more than 700 lamps this year! Some of the lamps we work on are 90-100 years old, and represent quality you just don’t see any more.

This hand-made all glass lamp is more than 80 years old! This unique lamp was restored to its original condition.

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This eight light Tin Art chandelier was thoroughly cleaned, rewired and completed with clear chimneys and Spunlite bulbs that replicate the look and feel of old type gas flame, and give it a unique warm glow. In it’s restored state, this custom lamp is worth more than $5,000!

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This antique fixture with a porcelain figurine and ceramic drip sockets was brought back to life by rewiring, cleaning and applying lemon oil.  We added flame tip bulbs to finish the look.

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This candelabrum was completely rewired and finished with a coat of lemon oil to bring out the natural luster.  Note the rare ceramic candles, crystal spears and flame tip bulbs that give it an authentic look.

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We are the restoration experts!

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