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We have mentioned before that lighting makes all the difference in any room of your home and that every room needs three types of lighting. Floor lamps, which can fall into the category of either task or ambient lighting, are an important type of lamp to consider as they are both functional and decorative.

Typically, a floor lamp is a lighting fixture with a lamp and a long “stalk” and has a glass, silk or hardback fabric shade that fills the room with soft diffused light.  But a lamp placed next to a sofa or chair can also be used for tasks or as a reading light.  For task lighting a swing-arm floor lamp is the most popular and most useful.

Other common places to use a floor lamp include beside a bed or next to an entryway console table. You’ll want to combine floor lamps with other sources of lighting, such as table lamps or overhead lights, to distribute light evenly throughout the space.

Because most floor lamps have a smaller footprint, they are a great solution when there’s no room for a table. They’re great at lighting up an otherwise dark corner of a large room, and can be more easily moved from one area to another.

As a rule, sixty-eight inches is the ideal floor-lamp height, since it conceals the bulb whether you’re seated or standing.

Types of Floor Lamps

Available in a wide variety of styles and designs, floor lamps can be found to match any décor – from industrial to vintage and traditional to minimalistic. And they’re made from many materials including metal and wood. 

Torchiere lamps are the most popular and easily recognized type of floor lamp.  They provide general light that is pointed upwards.  This style also needs very little floor space.
torchierefloorlalmp BO 2317TRConsole lamps are a timeless classic and a best seller…

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If you want to have ambient lighting in a room, tower floor lamps are the best choice. Tower lamps come in a wide variety of shapes and designs.  And when they’re not in use they’re a modern home accessory.

towerfloorlamp LS 81277
Arch lamps are perfect for reading and have a modern look.

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An adjustable lamp will give you most flexibility if you would want to change the direction of light.

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Floor lamps are also a great choice when you want to consider a custom lamp made from a family heirloom or any item that reflects your style and personality.

Bring your idea for a custom floor lamp into House of Andala!
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