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There are several reasons why lamp shades are sold in neutral colors, like white or off-white, beige, silver/gray or black. The first is that lighting is frequently chosen toward the end of the design cycle of a project, when other colors of a room are locked in. If a shade color doesn't match the other colors already chosen for the room, designers will pick a neutral shade.

Another reason is that colored shades can somewhat affect color of the light transmitted through the shade. However, with the currently popular empire and drum shapes, so much light comes out the top and the bottom of the shade that the shade material is less likely to affect the color the light.

When is a Shade with Color a Great Idea? 
While the vast majority of the materials we stock are neutral tones there are cases where it's a great idea to use a shade with color. Obviously, a colored shade can be used to accent a room that needs more color. 

b2ap3 small shadecolorinfoLinen in Serene Blue and Crystal Rose

Another way to use color in shades is when you want connect a lamp shade visually into the design of the lamp base.  One option we like is to pick a trim detail that uses a color from the base. If you are thinking of something along these lines, give us a call.

b2ap3 small shadecolorinfo2White with Navy Grosgrain Trim

Edited from information received from New Brunswick Lamp Shade Company

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