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You’ve been hearing about the advantages of LED lighting over the old incandescent bulbs for a while now.  Maybe you’ve dipped your toe in the water by replacing a few bulbs here and there. LED lighting and bulbs are less expensive than ever, so now is a great time to take the plunge and upgrade your whole home with this money-saving option.

Getting Started
Start by replacing bulbs in fixtures in the areas of your home that have the most traffic. For example, places like the living room and dining room probably have the lights on more throughout the day than the bedroom or bathroom.  Replacing the old incandescent bulbs with LED lights in these rooms will save money by reducing the amount of energy used.

Another good place to start is in places that are harder to reach. For example recessed lighting in the kitchen or the basement and rooms with vaulted ceilings.  Replacing these lights with LEDs, which have a significantly longer life than the old bulbs, means you’ll have to get that ladder to change those bulbs rarely (if ever).

Dimmer Considerations
Because LED and incandescent bulbs use different methods of dimming, it is very likely that your current dimmer might not be compatible with the new LED bulbs. The number one rule for successfully dimming LED lighting is to choose lamps that the manufacturer describes as ‘dimmable’, but be aware that this in itself is not a guarantee of a good dimming performance. It is, however, a good starting point.  To get acceptable performance you might need to replace your dimmer with one compatible with LED bulbs.

Multi-Light Fixtures
As an incandescent light bulb ages, color temperatures and light intensities change.  For this reason, you’ll want to replace all of the bulbs in a multi-light fixture at the same time to maintain even lighting and a better appearance.

LED bulbs do not change colors or age the same way incandescents do. So as you replace the old bulbs with LEDs, you will usually notice that the light is whiter and brighter and may slightly change the overall look of the room.

These are just a few things to consider as you begin to replace the incandescent bulbs around your house with newer and more efficient LEDs.  Stop by House of Andala Lamp Shoppe when you have any questions about which bulbs you should use and the best way to make this transition.
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