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Every room in your home has a different primary function. However, especially with today’s trend toward smaller homes, many rooms are truly multi-purpose. So getting the right combination of lighting types in each room of your home is very important.

For each room there are generally three main types of lighting that are needed.

The quality of the light around us has a profound effect on our well-being that should not be underestimated.
— Thomas Fuchs / Lighting Designer

Ambient Lighting
Ambient, or general, lighting gives a room overall illumination. It is ambient lighting that gives a room the desired level of brightness so that you can move around safely and perform basic tasks.

Ambient lighting generally comes from recessed lighting, ceiling fixtures like chandeliers and track lighting, wall sconces and table and floor lamps. And with the addition of dimmer switches, this kind of lighting can be used to set the overall tone or mood of a room from bright and festive for a birthday party to romantic for a dinner for two.

Task Lighting
When you need to perform specific tasks like cooking, reading, crafts, homework or putting on makeup in the bathroom, task lighting becomes important. This type of lighting is intended to target a specific area of a room to illuminate a particular activity.

Depending on the task at hand and the room, this kind of lighting can come in the form of pendant lights in the kitchen and bathroom, or table lamps and desk lamps in a living room or a study.

Especially if the task is reading, task lighting should provide enough lighting to prevent eyestrain while eliminating glare and shadows. And consider using compact fluorescent light bulbs for better reading.

Accent Lighting
Lighting that brings attention to a particular object in a room, like a painting or sculpture, plants, collectibles or other architectural features is called accent lighting. Accent lighting focuses a concentrated light on an area or subject to create a visual point of interest.

Classic track lighting and picture lights are the most common types of accent lighting. When used properly, accent lighting adds an extra dimension to a room, and can help make a room look larger. In order to achieve these effects, accent lighting usually requires about three times as much light on the focal point as the ambient lighting around the subject.

Related Room Lighting Tips:
1.    When planning the layers of light in a room, it usually makes sense to consider the ambient lighting first, and then consider task and accent lighting.

2.    It is useful to have task lighting on controls that are separate from the general lighting.

3.    When planning your bathroom lighting, even illumination is essential to help prevent shadows and create the best lighting for shaving or applying make-up.

Let the lighting pros at House of Andala Lamp Shoppe help you plan the lighting needs of your room. We can advise you on the types of fixtures to use and special order styles and colors that fit your design perfectly.
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