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Have you made the switch to high-efficiency LED bulbs? You may know that LEDs use up to 80 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, but are you aware of all the other benefits they bring to the table? When you install LEDs in your home you'll…

1. Forget how to change a lightbulb.

b2ap3 small 6things1High-quality LED bulbs last 25,000 hours or more. At an average of 5 hours a day, 365 days a year, they can last for at least 14 years. You may find yourself having to look at the instructions on the package the next time you need to change one out.

2. See your home in a whole new light.

b2ap3 small 6things2Color rendering index (CRI) measures how well a light bulb displays colors compared to sunlight. Incandescent bulbs set the standard with a score of 100. The latest LED products have a CRI of up to 90, making the light in your home look vivid and natural.

3. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere.

b2ap3 small 6things3LEDs are inherently dimmable. That means you can turn down the lights for a romantic dinner at home or for an evening movie with the family. You'll save energy as well.

4. Improve your options.

b2ap3 small 6things4Bulbs emit light in different tones, ranging from cool to warm. Warm (yellowish) light is great for your family room, while cool (bluish) light is better for performing tasks, such as in a workroom. LEDs cover the entire color range, so they can be used anywhere in your home or outdoors.

5. Live more sustainably.

b2ap3 medium 6things51 320If you're looking to downsize your environmental footprint, switching to LEDs puts you on the right path. The lower energy use will reduce your household emissions. Also, LEDs contain no mercury, a hazardous substance found in other types of bulbs. This makes disposal simpler and easier on the planet.

6. Save You Money.

b2ap3 small 6things6When considering the price of the bulb, length of service and cost of energy usage at today’s rates, LED bulbs will cost you 50% less per hour of usage.

Choose LED products that are ENERGY STAR certified for quality and efficiency. Energy savings, good color quality and long life; with LEDs there's no reason to settle for less!

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