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Our customers often ask “What is the best light for reading?” when they are shopping for a floor or desk lamp. Whatever type of lamp they decide to buy, we always suggest using bulbs that provide full spectrum lighting.

The right kind of lighting can make a big difference in your vision and reading enjoyment.  Our eyes respond best under natural sunlight, so simulating this effect indoors allows your vision to be clear and more focused. Full spectrum lights simulate natural sunlight (the only real full-spectrum source) and provide the perfect balance of brightness and contrast. Reading by a light that simulates natural lighting helps to reduce eye strain, improves color perception and, for some people, improves overall mood.

The Flicker You Don’t See
Fluorescent light bulbs have a low “flicker rate.” Light flicker refers to quick, repeated changes in light intensity - light that appears to flutter and be unsteady. Sometimes you can notice this flicker when a light is first turned on, but the flicker usually continues as it is used. Often the flicker is fast enough that you aren’t consciously aware of it, but your brain and your eyes may still perceive it.  This flicker often causes eye strain and headaches.

Full spectrum lighting uses solid state circuitry that produces a much more rapid flicker rate that doesn’t create undue strain on your eyes.

Better Color Perception and Clarity
Many people find that they see more noticeable differences in colors and shades of colors with full spectrum lights.  Also, many of the papers used in books and magazines today are treated with optical brighteners.  These brightening agents are chemical compounds that absorb and reflect ultraviolet light, and are used to enhance the color of fabric and paper, causing a "whitening" effect. The combination of these brighteners and the ultraviolet light produced by full spectrum lighting can make the words on the page appear clearer and easier to read.

At House of Andala Lamp Shoppe, we recommend the compact fluorescent type of full spectrum bulb that features "instant" on and low heat. Stop by the shoppe and see our full selection.
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